Entrance Japan and Share Houses

Features about our Share Houses


Device of a comfortable community

When the residents are a little time, there are many welcome parties hosted by management company. When the residents are increasing, they are hosted by themselves using communication board. There are different fun events each Share House. It is like small trip, drinking at room with residents, a moon viewing, cherry-blossom viewing and so on.


Device in the house which is the cleanliness

It is easy to get trouble about sink in Share-House. We think it is very difficult to make good community when there are not rules. Our Share-House makes the contract with cleaning. They clean up in the common space. About garbage in common area, it is turn system of the rotation for a week. You should choose the Share-House by community and management of the cleaning!


Share House University

Many people who move into the Share-House are interested in administer. For example administrative man, manager of Share-House, management and so on. We give to the amenity for residents. It is like you can join our lesson about Share House for free. And also DIY Share-House, events of painting, organizes events or organize of traveling.


Support your dream

We would like to introduce the artist and designer who living our Share-House on the website or facebook. If you want us to introduce our website, you can tell us. And also we want to help you if you have the dream.


Legal compliance

The house should be only for women, but men move in. There are no windows in the room. Can you believe that situation? A share house is the new dwelling form, so maintenance of a law is a little behind. Our share house won’t be like such a share house.


Hobby, Growing, Improve your Skill

Make friends, improve your skill, international, home party, love, business, study foreign language…etc. The average of age is 29 years old. It is 70% of Japanese and 30% in our Share-House. Let’s enjoy your share house life!


A person wants to live these people

We want the people who have manners. The Life is Art. We glad to join who is a fun person, a nice person. But also we think it is very important that the people have manners. There are emotions in a share house. An intersection in the life when people come in contact with people. Please come by the feeling enjoyed as a valuable experience in a life.


Rock out your life

There are soft concepts each Share-House. For example, international, art. It can help for communication. It is enough reason to live a Share House that you are just interested in our idea. The share house does not have completion unlike a common house. It is always changing like a life. That why it is not problem that your personality. You can live with all one’s might.


Thankfulness for meeting

We think people only can be changed by people. We demand intention to participate in the resident of the Share House. You do not need to do something everyday. We just want them to have a feel like making communication, making community of Share House together.