House Quattro

This is Women-only share house.You can choose the room color pink, purple, green or orange. 10min walk to Osaka University.

A small women-only share house in Hokusetu. Every room comes with it’s own bicycle and TV. You can choose from either pink, purple, green or orange color room.


14 min walk from Shibahara station on Osaka Monorail

Number of Rooms

4 rooms


32,000 – 35,000yen



Electricity, gas, water and internet are included

Initial Cost

Rent and Utilities (until next month) + Dealing Charge (16,200yen) + Fire Insurance (15,000yen)

Necessary documents

ID (Drivers licence, health insurance, passport, foreigners residence card)

Moving Process

  1. Property Viewing
  2. Application
  3. Background Check
  4. Finalizing Contract and Payment
  5. Moving In

*Only those who have been approved will receive a notice in 1-3 days

Room Equipment

Bed, curtan, lamp, AC, closet, desk, chair, TV and bicycle

Common Equipment

  • Dining: AC, TV, sofa, dinning table
  • Kitchen: Refrigerator, gas stove, microwave, rice cooker, electric pot and dishes
  • Others: Bathroom, Shower room, Toilet, Washing Machine


  • Women only


*Currently No Vacancy


5.4 jou

Rent: 32,000

Utilities: 11,000

Vacancy: Full


6.9 jou

Rent: 34,000

Utilities: 11,000

Vacancy: Full


6.9 jou

Rent: 35,000

Utilities: 11,000

Vacancy: Full


6.9 jou

Rent: 35,000

Utilities: 11,000

Vacancy: Full