Entrance Japan - for Share Houses in Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Sakai, and Settsu cities in Osaka Prefecture


Share Houses – places where
you can discover a new you.

As everyone’s appearance and personalities are different, everyone has their own way of thinking about things, and sense of values. There are places where you can discover a “new you” by living together with people from different countries around the world, the opposite gender, and with differing occupations and interests - these are the share houses of Entrance Japan.
Entrance Japan offers a variety of spaces that are full of charm - such as share houses with easy accessibility to the city’s business and shopping centers, and women’s-only share houses, for a comfortable, fun, secure, and fashionable everyday lifestyle.

What kind of place is a
share house?

A share house is a rental residence property where multiple people live together in the same residence. Aside from your own room, the kitchen, living room, toilets and bathrooms are all shared spaces that all the residents can utilize.
When living by yourself, you are required to prepare the necessary furniture and electronic appliances for your lifestyle, but in a share house, furniture such as sofas and tables, and electronic appliances such as TVs, microwaves, and washing machines are provided for free use in the shared areas, allowing you to keep luggage and costs to a bare minimum when moving. Also, in addition to keeping monthly rent cheap when compared to living in an ordinary rental apartment, shared residences are used by people of all kinds as a “new type of living experience” - a place that allows you to share and mingle with other residents.

Company Outline
Company Name Entrance Japan
Address 530-0012 9F Umeda Kita Place, 1-14-8 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka
Business Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Closed on Sat/Sun/Public Holidays)
Contact Phone:06-6136-3330 / Fax:06-6136-3331
Description of Business Sharehouse and Guesthouse Planning and Management
Establishment Date October 18, 2000
Capital 6,150,000 Yen

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