Entrance Japan - for Share Houses in Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Sakai, and Settsu cities in Osaka Prefecture


Fashionable Lifestyle at an Affordable Cost

Spacious kitchens and living rooms, colorful walls and furniture, trendy lights and electronic appliances...when living by yourself in a rental apartment, it’s usually quite difficult to realize a fashionable living environment due to facility and reform limitations.
As the width, design, installed furniture & electronic appliances, and overall feel differ between each Entrance Japan share house, you can achieve a fashionable, café-like living style that certainly wouldn’t be possible in a rental apartment. Imagine an “exciting and charming everyday” lifestyle, and try making the choice that’s right for you.

Excellent Access to
City Centers!

Entrance Japan has many share houses within 15 minutes of Namba, a popular spot for fashion and dining, and Umeda, which is convenient for commuting. Almost all of the share houses are well-located within a 7-minute walk from the nearest train station.
Additionally, in the vicinity around the share houses you can find sales establishments such as shopping districts and supermarkets, and other facilities necessary for everyday life such as hospitals and banks, making the location perfect for easy living.

Realizing Cultural Exchange That
Goes Beyond Nationality

The share houses of Entrance Japan are also places where international exchange is made possible, allowing you to deepen your own knowledge and education by interacting with people from different cultures. Though the number of international residents and their nationalities will differ by timing and area, all the share houses have foreign residents living within them, with many of them from Europe and the United States. As Japanese is the common language within the share house, and there are staff on-hand who can respond in English, those who are not confident in their English abilities can enjoy international exchange at any time with their roommates who have gathered from all over the world.

Creating Spaces Where Women Can
Live Comfortably

In efforts towards establishing share houses where women can live safely and comfortably, Entrance Japan manages 1 share house that is women-only, and 7 houses that are mixed-gendered. Even in the mixed-gendered share houses, there are share houses with female-only floors, and washrooms/washing machines that are separated between men and women, meaning women who feel uneasy towards their first share house experience can utilize a space shared only with the same gender.

Measures for a Safe
and Pleasant Everyday

All private rooms in the Entrance Japan share houses are at least 8 square meters, and with windows, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers installed – as well as secure evacuation routes – they all meet fire and building standards laws, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment.
In addition – though we do ask all residents to pick up after themselves and tidy up after using the shared spaces such as the kitchen, bath, and toilet – considering that there are differences in what each person considers to be clean, we utilize cleaning professionals for more thorough cleaning work, to reduce the burden and stress on the residents.

  • All private rooms are 4.5 tatami or more

  • All private rooms have windows

  • Fire alarm installed in all private rooms

  • Securing evacuation routes

  • Ask a cleaning company for a full-fledged cleaning

Perfect Resident Support After

We will make a check of the facility and provide an explanation of the house rules on the day you move in, so that you can easily settle in to your new lifestyle. Also, a staff member who is familiar with all residents will visit the share house 1-3 times a week, and is always available for consultation regarding any issues or concerns.
Meetings and parties will also be regularly held to review rules, to support creating a community where personal space is held in high regard. Being able to meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet between going to work and your home is the real pleasure of a share house.

  • The person in charge patrols 1-3 times a week
  • Open a regular meeting and review the rules
  • Create a community that emphasizes the sense of distance among adults
  • Consultation in English is possible

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,
or would like to make a viewing reservation.