Entrance Japan - for Share Houses in Higashi Osaka, Sakai, and Settsu cities in Osaka Prefecture


Actions to take concerning the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


In response to the state of emergency declared due to the spread of infectious disease of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the share house of Entrance Japan will take the following actions.

■ Preview / moving in
・While the declaration of the state of emergency is in effect, the preview of the share house will not be conducted. After the cancellation of the declaration of the state of emergency, we will carry out the preview.
・During 14 days after returning / coming to Japan from overseas countries, you cannot use the share house as a home to stay at.
・As for new tenants, we will ask them to measure body temperature on the day before moving in and on the day of moving in (before moving in) in principle; and in the event that the body temperature exceeds 37.5℃, we will ask them to postpone the date of moving in.

■ Visit of our company staff to share house
・We will minimize the number of visitation to each share house.
・When paying a visit to the share house, they will wear masks.
・When paying a visit to the share house, they will wash their hands together with alcohol disinfection, and they wear gloves to do work.

■ Requests to tenants
・When you have returned from outside, please wash your hands with soap for more than 20 seconds.
・Please ventilate your room.
・With the aim of avoiding the entrance of the persons other than tenants to rooms as much as possible, please refrain from inviting / staying of friends and family members. (Only while the declaration of the state of emergency is in effect)
・In case that a symptom of cold (coughing, sense of fatigue, etc.) or fever around 37.5℃ continuing for four days or more has been confirmed, please not only consult with a public health care center but also inform us of the matter.

■ Others
・We will shorten the business hours to make the business hours of the office from 10am to 4pm.
・We will distribute anti-bacterial sprays and hand alcohol gels to all the share-houses. (As soon as they have been prepared)
・Depending on the contents of the declaration of the state of emergency issued by the Japanese Government, there is a possibility that our company’s actions to take or duration may be changed. We ask for your kind understanding in advance.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,
or would like to make a viewing reservation.